About Us

Our Team of DBT CliniciansMind Body Soul Utah provides a comprehensive DBT program for persons with pervasive emotional dysregulation, including Borderline Personality Disorder.MBSU also offers supportive services to Friends & Families of those struggling with emotional dysregulation, and also workshops and trainings for Mental Health Professionals.

Who we are

All Psychotherapists providing services for the MBSU Comprehensive DBT Program have successfully completed a course in DBT through the University of Utah College of Social Work or a comparable course offered through the DBT training program at MBSU. Both courses are taught by Chuck Nuttall, LCSW, who has completed multiple trainings through the Linehan Institute/Behavioral Tech, LLC. This is the training group established by Dr. Marsha Linehan (developer of the DBT model). Mr. Nuttall has trained directly with Dr. Linehan on several occasions and successfully completed the Advanced Intensive Training Course with Dr. Linehan in 2014.

Chuck Nuttall
LCSW - Owner/Founder

I have worked in the Mental Health profession for over 28 years, and I am committed to providing DBT according to the evidence-based model. I am grateful for the strong team of clinicians we have at MBSU and I'm proud to offer our services to the community. Chuck's Bio


Suzanne Lowry

What I love most about working as a therapist is having the opportunity to help people discover their strengths and overcome their difficulties. Learning DBT skills is a great way to do that. I’ve noticed that as I use the skills in my own life, I am better able to face my challenges and create a life I enjoy living.


Tom Bunnell

One of the most rewarding parts of doing DBT for me is seeing the positive changes my clients make through applying the skills learned in group and individual sessions. My clients' courage to apply DBT into their lives when it is not easy or convenient has been amazing to watch and be a part of.


Shannon McCann

I appreciate connecting with clients and helping people strive to be their most effective selves. DBT empowers individuals to apply effective skills that contribute to an overall improvement in sense of self and quality of life.


Janelle Smith

I love using DBT to help clients gain confidence in their abilities and to attain their goals. The mindfulness and skills concepts we teach are so applicable to every area of life that I learn new ways to apply them in my own life every day.


Victoria Choate

Having seen clients reach their goals and ultimately lead fulfilling lives has given me such gratitude for the DBT model. The incorporation of Mindfulness and skills training into therapy allow for an all-encompassing perspective on healing, which benefits client and therapist, alike!